About Þunresfolc Heorþ

Þunresfolc Heorþ is the making of a small Fyrnsidu based hearth cult practice of a couple in Ohio. My girlfriend (Cyndre) and I (Ceadda) have started to partake in this endeavor together. This blog exists to serve the purpose of cataloging the journey involved in this process. Along with thoughts and commentaries of the “day to day” of these practices, what they mean, as well as the occasional input on the state of, and issues pertaining to Fyrnsidu today, Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, and in a few cases, Heathenry in general.

It is my hope that this blog might either teach aspiring Fyrnsidu practicioners, or other Heathens, about the actual experience of house cult. Or, perhaps a source of familiarity for those already involved. Also, perhaps a few lessons in Anglo-Saxon Heathen worldview. I hope, also, that perhaps some use can be gleaned from the posts here!