World Making

First there was Nothingness. Not light, nor dark. Then, there was cold, and heat. The two came together and they burst! Fire and Ice, breaking apart, and coming back together. From this came the Mists.

The mists spun and churned. From this came two: Frumettin and Frumur. Frumur fed Frumettin, and Frumettin grew to be great and mighty. Then, he grew weary and slept. When he awoke, his first children were crawling upon him! They were the first of the Ettins.

Though Frumur did her best, she could not feed Frumettin as well as his children. He did not wish to understand this, and so he wanted to end her life, but could not. Frumur ended his first! Frumettin’s children were hence hated Frumettin. Though, they feared her as well. These were the first Ettins. So, they would eat from the flesh of their father, and Frumur would go back into the Mists.

In the misty depths, Frumur hid. For the Ettins looked bloodthirsty. Their tally had grown greatly in the time she was not among them. For Frumettin was so great and wide that his first children could feed from him for what looked like all time. Woe it would be for us today had it been Frumettin who had lived and not Frumur, had we been born at all.

Whilst hidden away, Frumur’s Mægen went forth from her breath. In this, a shape started to come together. Then fell a child, Frumur named him Tiw.  He would be the first of those we call the Gods. Then, from her womb came another child, this one would be named her Eorthe. From them, much more would come.

They fed from Frumur, hidden away. Until one day, they grew up. They would then seek a place amongst the Éotens, and make a life of their own. Though, this was not to be. The Ettins would not have them near. For they hated Frumur, and they would not allow her children a home amongst them. So, they went back to the Mists to their mother, who told them this:

“Son from breath, daughter from flesh. You are not as they are. You are not of one womb as they. Your children will not be as they, either. Long it will be before this shame of the Ettins is forgotten.”

Soon after, Tiw and Eorthe met body to body. From Eorthe came three Sons. The first born, is thought to be Woden, then Thunor, then Ingui. Each unlike his brothers. Woden was still, but crafty. Thunor was swift to anger, but lithe otherwise. Ingui was playful, and loved to be seen. They would grow to be great.

One day, these First Sons had grown. They, like their Mother and Father, sought to live upon the body of Frumettin. They too were not welcome. They fought, but there were too many. They went back to the Mists. Frumur told them this:

“Take fully apart my body. Flesh from bone. Make your homes upon me, and put upon your Mother what is left.”

The First Sons did not want to do this, but there was no other way, lest the live in the Mists for all time. Thunor took care that she did not feel what was coming. He struck the back of her head, so that she could feel nothing. Woden then choked her, and Ingui wielded a sharpened stone to carve her open.

From this, there was a great flood. Many Ettins drowned in it, and Frumettin’s body was lost beneath it. The First Sons took the flesh of Frumur, and made worlds from it. Night fled from her flesh first, bearing her son Day. They gave her hide to their Mother. With Frumur’s flesh, they made land. With her blood, in the great flood, came the seas. Lakes and streams were made from her milk. Of her skin hair came the grasses and trees of green.

Of her bones came the stone hills, and of her teeth, standing stones. From her eyes came Sunne and her kin, the Stars. From the teardrop in her eye came Mona. Of Frumur’s skull came the heavens, to hold all where it needed to be. Thunor took Frumur’s backbone, and held it up until it could stand alone, we now call it Irminsul. Of the work of the First Sons, they were glad.

From the sea did that which crawls under it come, and then fish were born, some were led to land, and became frogs, toads, and the like. Some kept their hard skinhouse, and were the snakes and the like with legs. Then came those with hairs on their hides.

From the flesh of Frumur, more still came to life. Dwarves came from the Ettins that hid under Frumur’s flesh in the flood. In that time, they became shorter and stayed in the low steads, close to Eorthe, where they thought they would not drown if it would flood another time. Many Ettins who hid in the hair of Frumur’s hide became Elves. They would in time come to the stone hills and the sea, for they were craftier than Ettins.

From Eorthe came many more children, though not like the First Sons. One such child was called Twofolded. This child grew and made his own children, from himself. They walked upon two legs, though not in mind were they like the First Sons. They were somewhat dim. They were like Woses, and then Woodwoses, too, were born from him. They would be of greater and greater mind as they were born, and then one day, from his legs were born Mann and Wife, from right leg, and from left. With that, Twofolded bled and died. All of Frumur’s children wept at his passing. It would be that the children of Twofolded would share this end.

From under the Irminsul, at the waters that fed it, the Wyrd Weavers spoke the First Laws. So it was that The Wyrd of the children of Twofolded, and all thereafter, would live and then die as their threads were spun by the Wyrd Weavers. It was that they had a power stronger than that of the First sons, or any before them. All must answer to their Wyrd.

 Mann and Wife were unlike anything else that had been born before. They, in shape were like Gods, but were not Gods at all. As they grew, they were glad in what the First Sons had made, in what Tiw and Eorthe begat. They were glad with it all. The First Sons were glad to see this. Each of the three gave gifts to Mann and Wife.

Woden gave first. He spoke spells of knowledge so that they could learn all that they would need to know, and the thirst to learn more. He have them madness, so they would fight when they had the need. Ingui gave the gift of Will. That they would have the will to make children of their own. That they would seek the wealth of the world so that they could live good lives. Thunor made empty the fields and dales, so that they would have somewhere to live. He taught them how to call upon him if they had need. He hallowed them both, giving speed to Men, in a world they shared with many others.

With that, Mann and Wife went on their way. Their children were many, and in time, they went to every land that would hold them in Midyard. In thanks, they reared a bull, and when it grew, they gave it to the First Sons. They made the first offering. The Gods gave, and Man gave back. This would begin what still goes to this day.

After this, the First Sons went their own ways. Woden spoke first, “I go now, my own way, brothers. There is much in these worlds I do not yet know, and I will know all that I can. That I too may be known for it.” The other two gave speed to Woden. Ingui then spoke, “I go now, brother. For there is much wealth in the worlds that I would make mine. That I may give gladness to those who seek it, and share their wealth with me.” He went East, and Thunor gave him speed.

Thunor looked around himself. He watched the First Men, and was glad. He went high up so that he could watch over them. “This is where I shall make my home.”

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