Lo, and behold the skies in wonder
Crashing lightning, rumbling thunder
In that which came first, still remain
Within the touch of life giving rain
Standing high, upon the hill
He who drives back winter chill

Upon the flash and strike no finer
From the sky, the flame and fire
On the winds, the gale is roaming
Taming ill wights with thunder rolling
Warden he is, indisputable worth
Watching over our middle earth

With the hammer in his hand
The thundering force it rings
In the power of the lightning strike
For life to the land it brings
So life in its cycle continues on
Awakened now that winter’s gone

Thurse and Eoten, tremble they may
Through emerging power of Osmeign
No fear to be felt from dragon fire
Now flames emerge for deathly pyre
Dragon eyes in flame to rend
Downed in force from mankind’s friend

With the very same hammer, though
This it must be known and sure
The same hammer striking death
On the other hand makes all pure.
One side to live another to die
Thunor, the one to sanctify

The Thunderer in all his glory
In meign might stands above all
For lightning flash or gentle rain
He appears and thurses fall
Great power, discerning restraint is he
Thus Thunor prevails in victory

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