A Disclaimer

First blog post, and, well, I’m unsure of what exactly I’m going to do with this. I mean, I’m a contributor on a site that uses WordPress, so, they gave me this account. Alright. I’m a contributor on this wonderful site:


Its focus is on Anglo-Saxon Heathenry. It was going on for some time before I joined up, and the two gentlemen who have been running it do excellent work. So, I am humbled and thrilled to be a part of it!

Well, great! After all, the Larhus has a very specific focus. As it should. It exists to educate and explore Anglo-Saxon Heathenry. It isn’t much a platform for its contributors to discuss their personal views. Nor should it be. Its function is to educate. Not to expound on personal matters. At no point do I, or either of the other two wish to do so.

Well… This blog will likely discuss Fyrnsidu often as well. Though, from a more personal angle. Understand, however, this blog is strictly my opinion on this or that practice or issue. It has practically zero bearing on the Larhus. My views on an individual level factor very little, if at all, in my work for it. As the Larhus, with the exception of espousing a Reconstructionist approach, and being steadfast to it, is ideologically neutral, with very few exceptions.

I, like most people, am not. So, you read at your own risk. You take from it what you will. I hope that one will base any judgement upon what I may say in this blog, on myself, and myself alone. So, judge me for what I say here, judge the quality of my work in the Larhus. Know, however, that I take my position as Larwitan seriously. My personal views are as exempt from it as possible. I don’t even think I will post much of controversy, this is more of a disclaimer.

I’ll look for interesting things about which to speak, and elaborate for those who care to listen.

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